Saturday, November 10, 2012

Looking younger at home...Part 2

Hello darlings!  Glad you stopped by again!   Today I'm going to go over a tip I blogged about a while ago, lip scrubs.  I love lipstick.  It's my favorite cosmetic product and I hate when it sticks to the little cracks and chapped skin on my lips.  Half the time I think my lips are are in good shape only to find out they aren't when I slap on some gorgeous red.   Well, here is how to combat that. 


lol enjoy the hair extensions hee hee!

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  1. Hi Sharon
    I was watching some of your old videos earlier and your vintage tag one really affected me.
    I'd love to be able to swing dance too. I used to dance with my nan to rock n roll when I was little & dressed up in her circle skirts & heels, I loved to dance. Not really in public but definitely around my home, whilst doing housework, etc! Always lifted my spirits ;0)
    However I became ill & have pain almost everywhere & use a cane. Needless to say I can't dance anymore. The thing I miss most is going for a walk in the forest.
    Lupus has taken so much from me but as you know life goes on and you have to stay strong for your loved ones, it's just sometimes when I think of things I miss terribly that I let it upset me.
    Hope you are keeping ok
    Lisa x