Friday, October 26, 2012 will save your marriage.

The copy reads:
A woman needs two deodorants
there are certain times when the most fastidious woman feels the need of added protection against offending.
During hot weather, after the menstrual period or times of emotional stress, to name a few. A lysol douche
gives you protection against the very germs that cause offensive odors. And Lysol is so gentle it won't harm delicate tissues.
For the confidence that comes from being REALLY sure, try new Lysol for your feminine hygiene needs today.

I feel the need to puke now.

This one is equally disturbing.  I only could stomach part of the copy:
"She was guilty of "ONE NEGLECT" that mars many marriages "LYSOL" helps avoid this."

I'm totally scared for life with this last one:

This is just part of what the copy says:
A man marries a woman because he loves her. So instead of blaming him if married love begins to cool, she should question herself.
Is she truly trying to keep her husband and herself eager, happy married lovers?  One most effective way to safeguard her dainty feminine allure is by practicing complete feminine hygiene as provided by vaginal douches with a scientifically correct preparation like "Lysol"...

Oh the horror!  Ladies, be glad we know better now!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

I love my lipstick!

So, how do I make it stay on?  Lipstick gets on everything but my lips.  I finally found the solution was an obvious one.  How did I miss this?  Blot your lips!  It helps the color stay on your lips and not transfer to everything else.

Here is my take on lipstick.  Enjoy!
Let me know what you think!

xoxo~ big red lipstick kisses!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yes, I wear faux fur....and I have an opinion on vintage fur...

Fur.  Just the word is enough to set off a huge argument is certain situations.  People have extremely strong views on the wearing of animal hides.  Personally, I don't wear new furs.  Yes, I said it.  New furs.  This may cause some extreme reactions.  I'm willing to take that chance and to step outside of my comfort zone and make my case.

I wear faux fur.  I love it.  I love the way it looks, the way it feels and the way people stop and give me that "is she wearing a real fur" look.  I've had some rather ugly comments made to me when wearing the coat my husband bought for me several years ago. 

When we were first married, my husband bought me a beautiful, machine washable, reversible "mink" and shearling jacket.   Totally faux but it was so convincing.  Last week he bought me a full length "mink and chinchilla" coat.  This thing is the softest and warmest coat I have ever owned.  I love it.

Yes, I have had some people tell me that wearing faux is like saying it's ok and that it may encourage others to wear the real thing.  Frankly, I don't see it.  I think that is like saying "if you eat a veggie burger you might encourage a vegetarian to eat real meat."

I also feel that wearing vintage fur is ok.  It's here, it has been around for many, many years and if you choose to wear it, it's ok.  It is a part of our history.  What would you do?  Dispose of it?  Not me.  I will honor it and wear it but will be sure to inform those that want to know that it is an old piece that was not farmed and that it came from a time when we were very ignorant about animal rights and protection.  I do not endorse any new fur farming and harvesting techniques.

That being said, I wait for the barrage of hell fire that will inevitably follow.  I don't have any vintage furs right now.  I don't plan on going out and buying them in the near future.  I just understand that there are those who feel the way I do.  This is something that happened in the past.  I have several friends who own such pieces and have said that taking care of these items and loving them somehow makes them feel as though the animal is remembered.  I think that is ok.  That is just my opinion.

I love the look.  I love the feel.  I choose to wear faux. Some of the new faux pieces on the market are so convincing it is hard to tell the difference at first glance or touch.  Wow!  The technology is incredible.  If wearing faux fur offends you, don't do it.  Just don't attack those who do enjoy it.  I find it odd that people seem to think it is ok to attack others based on their personal choices.  The very same people who have had strong opinions about my love of faux fur have also been quite militant when their own lifestyle choices are questioned.  They don't want anyone stepping on their rights to eat, live, dress, love, worship. or vote in a particular way.   Why then do they feel they have the right to step on my rights?  Rather contradictory if you ask me.   I don't get all bent out of shape that you don't eat or worship or dress the way I do, what gives you the right to get crazy that I wear fake animal fur and go to a particular place of worship?  I'm amused by this, then I'm offended.   I understand having strong views and opinions.  I have them too.  I just don't choose to push them down your throat.

Why am I writing about this today?  I suppose I just want to state my case.  I want to make my point.  I love certain things, you don't have to.  The same people who claim to hate bullying will attack others for their choices.  That's bullying.  I love faux fur, I also have an appreciation for vintage fur. Before you get really ugly with me, stop and think, are you expressing your opinion or are you being a bully?  I can and will respect your opinion and your point of view, I won't respect being bullied (bring it on, I'm not easily intimidated and do not respond well to those who try). 

It's getting colder.  My new coat will make it's debut soon.  Love it or hate it, its my choice.  For those of you who really love faux...I have some really great news...if you want a full length piece at an extremely affordable price, I know where to get it! Send me a message and I'll shoot you the links. (I said links not lynx so calm down.)

Nope that's not the coat and it's certainly not me. It is a faux piece and it is affordable and it is beautiful.  No, I don't get a kick back for showing it.  I just think it's lovely. 

Whatever your personal choices are today, have a good day.  I hope it's warm, soft and beautiful.

xoxo ~Sharon

Monday, October 15, 2012


Back in the 40's fabric and clothing became extremely difficult to get.  The war had everyone on shoe string budgets.  Girls couldn't go buy a few yards of fabric and whip up a dress nor could they run to their favorite shop and buy a pretty new frock.  So what was a girl to do?  Well, you could pull a Scarlet O'Hara and use your curtains...or you could swap clothes!

In some places clothing was rationed!!! Can you imagine?  So....what if....we had a swap?  I have some pieces, some vintage style and some not.  Houseware, clothing, about a trade? 

If you are interested, head on over to the facebook page and check out the swap photo album.  Seriously, no charge, just postage. If I have something you want let me know.  If you have something you want to put up for trade, post it!  This could be really fun!

Our facebook page has a great bunch of folks on it.  Come join us! 

I found this while surfing around youtube.  WOW!  It's got me inspired...

Have a great day!
xoxo ~Sharon

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Finger waves, the easy way!

I love finger waves.  The problem is that my fingers don't want to cooperate with my hair.  When I try to do them with regular clips or pins and my fingers, chaos ensues.  How totally annoying!  So, in my regular way, I found an easy solution for me.  It may not have exactly the same effect but it's close enough for me.

What you will need:
1. Setting lotion.  I choose to use the flax seed home made setting lotion.  There is a blog post on how to make that.
2. A comb.
3. Wave clips.
4. A few bobby pins

I also use Argan Curl Defining Creme to keep my hair from getting frizzy but you don't have to use that.  I will say that finger waves are far easier in curly or wavy hair and this curl defining creme really helps with that.  Check out my youtube channel for my review on this product.

Anyway,,,her is the video:

I'd love to hear what you think!

xoxo ~Sharon

Friday, October 12, 2012

October Blossom of the Month and a hood dryer!

I have spent the day at home today, lots of pain and just trying to cope with a whole lot of health issues.  I honestly was having quite a pity party for myself.  That stopped quick.
My darling husband went to run some errands (he has Friday's off).  When he returned to his sniveling wife he came in bearing gifts.  Oh the joy!   I swear I'm worse than a little kid.  Give me a box wrapped in packing tape and I'm yours.

The first box I opened was my Blossom of the Month (BOM) from and I have to tell you, these monthly boxes are like getting Christmas every single month.  No spoilers here for those of you who are waiting for yours.  All I am going to say is HOLY WOW HEATHER! She did it again.  Just when I think I could not possibly love a hair flower more, she sends another fantastic piece!  How she does it I just don't know.  This lifted a whole lot of the gloom and doom from my day. 

Box number was obvious what it was because it was something he picked up for me at the store...the lovely, wonderful hair and hair products store here in town....he bought me a hood dryer.  You would think he brought me a fist full of diamonds.  I have wanted a good dryer for EVER.  I hate wet setting rollers at night only to find one or two are still damp in the morning throwing off my "do". NO MORE! I HAVE BEEN RELEASED! 

He bought me this one...excuse the poor quality of my excited picture taking:

The high heat setting isn't kidding.  It's roughly the temperature of a turkey roaster within about three minutes.  The medium setting is fantastic.  The timer function is a must AND the cool setting for about five minutes at the end of your time sets those curls in tight!

Of course I tried it.  I didn't care that my hair was basically done...even if I'm sniveling around at home....

Don't you love the tiny glimpse of me peeking around the box....Such a great photographer!

Anyway,  if you want to see the BOM  there is a video of the "unboxing" on the facebook page. 

I'm telling you...BOM is addictive. 
Turning a bad day into a good one doesn't take much...just a couple of boxes.  Both of them delivered with a huge heart and a hug!  I really feel like BOM comes with a hug in each box.  Thanks Heather and thanks Dave.  You two made my day!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

But Sharon, I have long hair!

I've had a few comments about my videos lately that say some of you are looking for styles for longer hair.  Since I can't grow my hair out overnight, I can use clip in extensions.

I love my clip-ins.  Currently, I am using Remi Platinum Series 14inch Clip In extensions.  They are fantastic.  I love real hair extensions, the synthetic looks way too obvious when I use those. 

Here is a video on a quick style you can do with longer hair.

I didn't do a fully authentic "Gibson Girl" look.  This is modified in order to be quick and easy.   Excuse me not having make-up may want to keep small children away so they aren't permanently scarred.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The quest for your videos on the cheap

Ok, so, you who follow this know how atrocious the lighting in my videos is. It's ok, I won't be offended.  I know.  Its horrible.  Not having any experience and just sort of doing this for my own amusement I really wasn't too worried about it.  Until now that is.  All of a sudden I feel the need to be well lit.

So, I do what every good rookie does and I google "studio lighting" "cheap studio lighting" and a whole list of other versions of the same thing.  The same thing that translates to : I am too broke to buy anything more than a tea light so show me how to do this without mortgaging a kidney.

What did I find?  Well, there are some lovely sites out there that will sell you a full studio set for the low low price of $698 but they do throw in free shipping.  What?  I said cheap, not rent payment!  So I kept searching.  I found a few other suggestions.  One of them included lanterns.  Yes, paper lanterns.  They diffuse light really well, or at least they are reported to because I sure didn't check them out.  I would love to but I'm not sure my long suffering husband wants to live in an apartment that looks like a Chinese restaurant where something went horribly, horribly wrong.

I opted for a work light.  You know, the kind used by construction workers.  They produce a heck of a lot of light.  Don't look into the light....seriously.  They also heat up to a temperature that is roughly that of the surface of the sun within a millisecond.  This is harsh light.  Currently I'm playing around with it and have found if I bounce the light of the wall opposite me it works.  Another suggestion is to place it behind a frosted shower curtain.  Make sure it isn't close enough to melt but it does diffuse the light.

My videos and photos are not beautifully lit yet but, they are a million times better and this alternative was relatively inexpensive.  The light cost about $15.

So I'm still working on this.  As with all things this is a work in progress.  I don't ever intend to be some video or photo professional. I really don't have the desire to make everything look totally professional. This is, after all, my vintage INSANITY.

Some of the bloggers and vloggers I follow suggest a daylight  bulb.  I found that didn't really work for me.  I suppose that may be because I am the same color as liquid paper. Incandescent bulbs...we just won't go there.  So far, the good old work light seems to be my best bet.  Just must remember that it is HOT.

What lighting do you use?  Do you bother at all?  Please, don't tell me you have a studio that is flooded with beautiful, natural light.  I may say bad words at you.

Lighting...the eternal quest continues...but it's gonna take a pit stop here with my work lamp.  I think I will name him Merv.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Taking the mystery out of pin curls.

I know, I know.  I've done a pin curl video before.  Well, someone, several someones, asked me to do another one and demystify them a little.
Pin curls do seem to be terrifying for some people.  My very first attempt had me nearly wishing I had shaved my head.  Then, after watching some fantastic "how to" videos by some great gals on youtube, I started to get the hang of it.  Now, it's almost second nature.

So what exactly is a pin curl? Lets start with your hair.  Your hair is elastic.  Did you know that?  Ok not like a rubber band or the band in your underwear but it is elastic just the same.  If you take one of your hairs and gently stretch it you will see it has some give then goes right back to it's original form.  Weird, huh? So if its elastic, we can bend it and form it without kinking or breaking it (unless you have extremely dry hair.  If it just snaps or breaks you need to see your hairdresser).  So, with the help of some setting lotion to hold the shape we want, we are gonna get some serious curl.

A pin curl is just a rolled section of your hair, pinned to your head and set in place to dry.  They look complicated but I promise you they aren't.  In the video, I will show you the easiest "cheat" method I have found to form your curls.

I don't worry that my sections are EXACTLY the same or that they are perfectly lined up.  After all, this is My Vintage INSANITY not My Vintage Perfection and Order.  That, I'm sure, is another blog somewhere.  This is the method that works for me and gives me the vintage styles I want.  Easy, doable, non-frightening.

You will need a couple of things:
Towel dried hair
Setting lotion of your choice
Smoothing lotion if you want to add a little shine and keep those fly aways to a minimum
Lots of bobby pins
A mascara tube or other such cylinder (not tapered)
A hair net, snood, bandana, or other such thing to protect your pin curls while they set, unless you prefer the free range method
A sense of humor

I encourage you to check out Lisa Freemont Street on youtube and facebook, you need to check out Katiexchampaigne on youtube as well!

Once you have those things, grab some coffee/tea/wine/whatever and sit down with me and let's get pin curling shall we?

(If you'd like to see the comb out/brush out  it will be available on my youtube channel.)  

Friday, October 5, 2012

Doing what we do best!

So I had a thought.  No, it didn't hurt (well not much).  Between the blog, youtube channel and facebook page, Vintage Insanity has some great people hanging with me.  I thought, now this might scare some of you, but I thought it would be awesome to put together a calendar.  No, not everyone is comfortable with pin up poses, heck, my lumpiness sure isn't, but we all rock a vintage, rockabilly, psychobilly, what have you, look.  I think they are all beautiful.  I want to celebrate that with a calendar.  I think it would be so much fun.

What do you think folks?  Are you game?  I think everyone deserves to be featured in a calendar.  I don't want to hear," I'm not good looking, thin, whatever enough".  I honestly think we are all perfect in our own way.  So again, are you game?

Leave me a comment or send me a message. You can always email to

Let me know!