Friday, October 12, 2012

October Blossom of the Month and a hood dryer!

I have spent the day at home today, lots of pain and just trying to cope with a whole lot of health issues.  I honestly was having quite a pity party for myself.  That stopped quick.
My darling husband went to run some errands (he has Friday's off).  When he returned to his sniveling wife he came in bearing gifts.  Oh the joy!   I swear I'm worse than a little kid.  Give me a box wrapped in packing tape and I'm yours.

The first box I opened was my Blossom of the Month (BOM) from and I have to tell you, these monthly boxes are like getting Christmas every single month.  No spoilers here for those of you who are waiting for yours.  All I am going to say is HOLY WOW HEATHER! She did it again.  Just when I think I could not possibly love a hair flower more, she sends another fantastic piece!  How she does it I just don't know.  This lifted a whole lot of the gloom and doom from my day. 

Box number was obvious what it was because it was something he picked up for me at the store...the lovely, wonderful hair and hair products store here in town....he bought me a hood dryer.  You would think he brought me a fist full of diamonds.  I have wanted a good dryer for EVER.  I hate wet setting rollers at night only to find one or two are still damp in the morning throwing off my "do". NO MORE! I HAVE BEEN RELEASED! 

He bought me this one...excuse the poor quality of my excited picture taking:

The high heat setting isn't kidding.  It's roughly the temperature of a turkey roaster within about three minutes.  The medium setting is fantastic.  The timer function is a must AND the cool setting for about five minutes at the end of your time sets those curls in tight!

Of course I tried it.  I didn't care that my hair was basically done...even if I'm sniveling around at home....

Don't you love the tiny glimpse of me peeking around the box....Such a great photographer!

Anyway,  if you want to see the BOM  there is a video of the "unboxing" on the facebook page. 

I'm telling you...BOM is addictive. 
Turning a bad day into a good one doesn't take much...just a couple of boxes.  Both of them delivered with a huge heart and a hug!  I really feel like BOM comes with a hug in each box.  Thanks Heather and thanks Dave.  You two made my day!


  1. Maybe you can toast a turkey in that dryer for Thanksgiving LOL

    Glad the day got better!

  2. Hee hee! If my roaster ever breaks I now have a backup. Seriously though, its fantastic. I'm loving it! Wait until you see your BOM. It's BEAUTIFUL!!!