Saturday, October 6, 2012

Taking the mystery out of pin curls.

I know, I know.  I've done a pin curl video before.  Well, someone, several someones, asked me to do another one and demystify them a little.
Pin curls do seem to be terrifying for some people.  My very first attempt had me nearly wishing I had shaved my head.  Then, after watching some fantastic "how to" videos by some great gals on youtube, I started to get the hang of it.  Now, it's almost second nature.

So what exactly is a pin curl? Lets start with your hair.  Your hair is elastic.  Did you know that?  Ok not like a rubber band or the band in your underwear but it is elastic just the same.  If you take one of your hairs and gently stretch it you will see it has some give then goes right back to it's original form.  Weird, huh? So if its elastic, we can bend it and form it without kinking or breaking it (unless you have extremely dry hair.  If it just snaps or breaks you need to see your hairdresser).  So, with the help of some setting lotion to hold the shape we want, we are gonna get some serious curl.

A pin curl is just a rolled section of your hair, pinned to your head and set in place to dry.  They look complicated but I promise you they aren't.  In the video, I will show you the easiest "cheat" method I have found to form your curls.

I don't worry that my sections are EXACTLY the same or that they are perfectly lined up.  After all, this is My Vintage INSANITY not My Vintage Perfection and Order.  That, I'm sure, is another blog somewhere.  This is the method that works for me and gives me the vintage styles I want.  Easy, doable, non-frightening.

You will need a couple of things:
Towel dried hair
Setting lotion of your choice
Smoothing lotion if you want to add a little shine and keep those fly aways to a minimum
Lots of bobby pins
A mascara tube or other such cylinder (not tapered)
A hair net, snood, bandana, or other such thing to protect your pin curls while they set, unless you prefer the free range method
A sense of humor

I encourage you to check out Lisa Freemont Street on youtube and facebook, you need to check out Katiexchampaigne on youtube as well!

Once you have those things, grab some coffee/tea/wine/whatever and sit down with me and let's get pin curling shall we?

(If you'd like to see the comb out/brush out  it will be available on my youtube channel.)  

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