Thursday, February 14, 2013

Something new!

Ok so I just got these in the mail and had to put them on.  They are the newest thing in nails!  We have all seen the stick on nail polish but this new technology lasts for WEEKS!  Super easy to apply and amazingly strong.  They can go on short nails, long nails, puppy nails, baby nails, you name it. 
Just take a look!
They come in all colors and patterns.  Solid colors to metallics, they have them all! 
So where can you find out more about them?  Ask Denise at
She can tell you everything you need to know!  So easy, so gorgeous, so affordable!

Try them for yourself!
They also have awareness ones like these on my friend Leah's nails:
Have fun!
Tell her Sharon sent you!
XOXO~ Sharon

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