Friday, February 1, 2013

Change, inside and out.

Mid century diet was...not low cal or low fat!  How on earth did those women keep their tiny waists?  Oh, we've been over that.  Waist cinchers and girdles.  Ugh.  NOOOOOOOOOO!  I'm sick to death of squeezing my innards!

Food is the universal language.  Forget love, it's food.  We all eat.  I know I LOVE to eat.  Being a "non practicing diabetic" has gotten me to the lovely shape that I am.  Hey!  0 is a shape.  Round is a shape people!

So, I've been making some serious changes.  Um, ok let me rephrase that.  I've been making some small changes that have made a HUGE impact.

No, I'm not on about my excercise program again.  This is changing my attitudes toward food and how I eat.  Tiny changes that have left me feeling full but NOT leaving me starving or craving things.  (Hello mr. donut!!!)

It takes 8 weeks.  Tiny changes to what you already eat, no expensive foods that you can only find in some remote, dark, frightening, store.  Regular food.  Not dieting. Just changes. 

Since I am totally going to be in this bathing suit by summer, I have to make these little tiny adjustments.

I'm actually starting a group on facebook to give the step by easy step instructions!  Want to join?  No, I'm not selling you anything.  I'm not charging you anything.  Just sharing the info I have that is so totally working for this food lover.

Here is the link to my FB page.  Just click the LIKE button under the post about the group (I pinned it to the top so you can't miss it) and I'll add you to the group so you can do this step by step with me.

I bet you lose more than you thought and...that it's way easier than you thought! 

Are you up for it?  Hmmm....I need to buy that hair flower and some cute shoes to go with this suit!


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