Sunday, January 6, 2013

Plus size VS. fat. For my body, there is a difference.

I've never been a tiny girl.  I've been larger all my life.  I stand 6' tall and have the shoulders of a line backer.  Yes, I am plus sized.  That being said, I can also be fat.  There is a difference as far as I am concerned.
When I am lean, have no extra rolls and just have an hour glass figure, I am plus sized.  Once the flab hits and I have perpetual muffin top (even when not wearing anything) I am fat.  Yes, fat.  Right now, I'm fat.  I'm not plus sized.  I'm super plus sized.  Not cool.

I love to see a woman with curves.  Healthy, beautiful curves.  Some are thicker than I am, some are not.  What bugs me is when they say "I'm not fat, I'm plus sized" when they clearly could lose at least 20lbs and be healthy.  I think we are obsessed with labels.  So, I'm no longer looking at my size as "plus" or "regular" or "miss" or whatever.  My size needs to be "healthy".  Healthy, that's defined by a few factors. 
These factors include my BMI (body mass index) which can be calculated here, my muscle tone, and my general health.  NOT once did I mention the size of my clothing.

So, I'm getting healthy.  I may always fit in the "plus" category. So what.  What I'm most concerned with is fitting in the "healthy" category.  So far, I've lost some fat and gained some muscle.  Want to see how even though I walk with a cane?  Check out the link at the top of my page.  Come get healthy with me.  Vintage looks so much nicer when it's healthy!


  1. I agree.we live in the world of labels.I am the opposite.I may as well be olive oyl.nothing ever fits right and I have no curves at all.I would love the curves of mae west.xx

    1. Oh hon, the way I see it, you can wear those delicious 20's and 30's styles that I would LOVE to pull off! I think you are beautiful.