Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Vintage" skin care...with a new twist!

I've been on the hunt for a new skin care line. One that is cruelty free, really works fighting the hands of time, has proven results and a long history. 
Well, I think I have found one. 
After searching the web I happened upon Elizabeth Grant. This line has a long history. Knowing my love of all things 1940's the story behind the Elizabeth Grant line really caught my eye. Intrigued, I started scouring the net for reviews. Oh boy did I find them. The overwhelming majority of reviews I read were fantastic. So, what was I to do? Seeing my budget is not exactly a hefty one I found that one of the home shopping networks carried it.  Honestly, the prices were great for the amount of product they offered. 
Today, my package arrived.  I was really way too excited about this.  I have the Elizabeth Grant Five-Piece Biocollasis Anti-Aging & Wrinkle Repair Collection gracing  my vanity.
photo credit shopnbc.com
As a sucker for packaging, this is right up my alley. The gold is gorgeous, seriously, the packaging on all her product on her website is fantastic. 

I have started filming my journey with this product. Closeup shots of my skin before and with the first application.  Immediate results? I see them. The immediate firming alone is impressive. It feels fabulous and just, decadent.  
Over the next month I will film on a weekly basis and hopefully will end up with one video showing the progression of my skin from ok to gorgeous. High hopes? Yes. Do I think I'm being realistic? Actually, yes I do. 
I'll keep you posted with the results I'm getting. So far, I'm in love with the firming, smoothing and over-all luxury of the serums. My skin looks and feels hydrated, plumped up even. I'm loving it day one!
Stay tuned and be sure to check out Elizabeth Grant to read her story and the story of  her amazing line!  

Much love and hopes for a less wrinkled tomorrow!
XOXO ~Sharon  


  1. Day 6....I'm seeing results. Stay tuned!

  2. I LOVE her stuff - I notice a difference when I stop using it (when I run out and wait too long to re-order!) I'm 35 and I want to keep my skin nice - this stuff is what I'm going to count on! Good luck!

    1. I am so pleased with it! Why didn't I know about this sooner???