Wednesday, April 3, 2013

YAY! Another give away!

Ok so...My birthday is next month and I want to do a give away. 

Details?  Check out the video.  You will want to actually click on the youtube icon and watch it on youtube so you can enter.  So excited about this one!

Good Luck!  Oh, and have you checked out ChicStar yet?  Just click on their link over there ---->


  1. Love the video. My favorite books are Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles. Loved them when they came out and go back and read one occasionally. I love spooky scarey books. My friend will not read any spooky books she says they give her nightmares. I love fake scarey stuff. The nighty news and watching news networks give me nightmares. That's real scarey stuff! Thanks for the contest. I am 52 and it's not scary at all. Its great. My skin might not be as tight but I feel better in it than I ever have. Have a great time and enjoy your birthday. Celebrate your beauty and continue to enjoy it!

    1. I think that is fantastic! I love Anne Rice. The only vampires I like are the beautiful savages she creates. These "sparkle in the sun" types annoy me. You are so right about your skin. I love the skin I'm in I just don't like the number attached to it! Good luck in the contest! Check out Still Missing by Chevy Stevens. I think you will like it. No vampires but, its a real page turner!