Monday, August 6, 2012

Mad about Mid Century.

So what is mid-century?  Well, the name kind of says it all.  It is anything to do with the middle of the century. There are those of us who have been fascinated with this style for years, and then there are those who have just recently fallen in love with this style.

I have to say, much of the recent interest has stemmed from TV shows such as Mad Men and Pan Am.  Both of these shows, by the way, I love.  Not for the story line or the content, but for the style.

I've loved old Hollywood for some time now.  Particularly the movies from the 40's.  Those women were the epitome of glamor to me.  Hedy Lamarr for instance.  She was so perfect.  Her hair, her style, I could go on and on.   Moving forward a decade, the space race was on.  Homes became rather "cookie cutter" but they were in love with sleek lines and anything "space age".  I cringe at the thought of some of those gadgets that were used in the kitchens.  If it was electric, it was king.

Clothing changed but not as much as one would think.  Sure, prints and colors became more vibrant.  You would expect that difference.  During the 40's, between the depression and the war such luxuries were out of the question for most women.

  Once the 50's hit, it was time to really shine.  The structure stayed very much the same with a few twists.  Tailored clothing with real structure is the common thread here.

Oh the 50's!

 Toward the end of the 50's and in to the 60's, hem lines went up but the structure was still very much there.  Not so much from the late 60's to the 70's where more bohemian styles were the rage.

Still got that style...just shorter!

So, my pick?  I love the structure of the 40's.  Those lines hugged curves and, to me, a woman was a woman. The 50's brought out fuller "swing" dresses.  I adore those. Nothing says feminine like a full skirt with a fitted bodice.  A little of both for me. 
A little of both.  Gotta love it!

Why the sudden interest in mid century clothing?  Well, I think that we got so wrapped up in industrial and androgynous looks in the 90's that women are looking to be seen as something more feminine without giving up their status as equals to men.  They are wanting to look beautiful again and to embrace their shape.  No more big shoulder pads and almost non existent hips.  We want to be seen as "girls" but girls with a take no prisoners attitude.

What is your favorite?  Leave me a comment!


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