Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So you want that 40's and 50's glam...

I've loved the look of "old Hollywood" and "vintage 40's and 50's" for a long time.  The problem was, how on earth to recreate it without feeling like I was wearing a costume.  There are so many sites on line that offer beautiful clothing that evoke the glamor and style of that time but how to choose?!  Well, that really depends on who you are and what you are going for. 

Rockabilly girls had it hard for a while.  There really wasn't much out there.  Not new at least.  Now, you can find fantastic stuff with just a little searching. Vibrant colors, swing dresses and wiggle dresses are available from several places.  One of my favorites is Trashy Diva.  What if you are a little more conservative?  Well, they have what you want as well.  Another great place, one that I find myself pouring over quite often, is ModCloth.

My personal taste runs to the more classic, as I have said before.  I love the strong silhouette and classic tailoring.  I've found quite a few great pieces on ebay and in etsy stores.  The thrift stores are really great for finding dresses for low prices. 
Photo by Angel Bennet Photography.

I found this one on ebay for $3!  Look for the shape you want and go for it!  Comfort is a huge must. If you don't feel good in it, don't keep it.  Check the return policy everywhere you shop.  There is nothing worse than paying for an item and then having it just take up space in your wardrobe. 

I've had several people ask me if I ever feel "weird" when I have people look at me.  Who hasn't? I can honestly say, I'm over it.  This is me.  I love the look and frankly, I get more compliments than I do insults.  Confidence goes a long way. I'm obviously a more full figured woman and I embrace that.  Show off those curves!  

Shoes are important too.  There is nothing worse than having a banging outfit but the wrong shoes.  Find your "go to" pair. I found spectator style heels at ShoeDazzle and I love them.  Seriously, would you wear rain boots with an evening gown? (ok so if you would and you can rock them go for it sister!)

So, what am I saying? 
1. Find the shape you love.
2. Be confident.  You look amazing.
3. Accessorize!
4. You don't have to spend a fortune.
5. Have fun with it. 

6. Embrace your inner old Hollywood diva!

Have a good laugh at yourself once in a while.  This is YOUR style.

*Thank you to Angel Bennet Photography.  You rock girlfriend!


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