Thursday, August 30, 2012

September Contest!

Ok. I had such a great time with the jewelry give-away that I have got to do another one for September. September is one of my favorite months, the first is my niece Leah's birthday and the fourth is my daughter Abigail's birthday.  There are quite a few others but I won't list them all.

This is going to run as a contest.  To enter, post a photo to the facebook page of you in your favorite outfit.  Any style, any era, or dressed up in your favorite vintage style.  Then, get your friends to "like" your photo.  Every "like" is a vote.  The photo with the most "like"s will be the winner!  I'm going to start everyone off with a "like".

So what is the prize? A hand made tote bag!  My kid's great grandmother made this beauty.  How cute is this?  It has a pocket for your cell phone and keys.  Polka dot lining and handles with polka dot bows and a gorgeous little Boston Terrier on the front.  100% cotton and absolutely the cutest thing ever!

Good luck!

Don't forget to get your friends to vote!

****September 30th 2012***** Congratulations to Amber!  She won this month's contest!  Just thought I would update!

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