Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh for the love of plastic!

What is she going on about now?  Plastic?  Yes.  I'm talking about plastic in its most beautiful (and collectible might I add) forms.

1940's Lucite Handbag
Sure, I can pop down to the local store and find myself a nice piece of clear plastic whatever for the house but I am talking about mid-century plastic perfection.  Vintage Lucite and Bakelite.  I love it.
It came in so many forms.  This 40's handbag is just beautiful.

 I recently received a beautiful pair of earrings.  Little tiny Lucite lilies on brass with swarovski crystals.  They are perfection. 

 Looking at decor in Lucite and Bakelite is too much fun.  I'm not sure that the husband is ready for me to take this house full on mid-century but just look at how cute this is!
This clock radio and poker chip set is fab!  I'd love to have those in my house.  They are made of Bakelite. They are so highly collectible that I doubt my little budget could handle it....for now.

I'm sure the TV doesn't actually work but how sweet is this?  I wonder if the husband would notice if I replaced his big screen with this.

Bring on the plastic!  I'm loving all of it.  Never thought I would be so taken by something I used to think of as "cheap".  There are many great sites on Bakelite and Lucite jewelry and products on the web. You may be surprised at what some of grandma's old jewelry is worth.  If it's plastic...don't write it off as junk!

Off to eat some of that cake I baked yesterday. Have a lovely day!


  1. Here's a link to test to see if you have a bakelite piece!

  2. Not sure what bakelite jewelry looks like? This site has some great pieces: