Sunday, December 23, 2012


So my family is a little odd...ok we are very odd.  My sisters and I had the privilege of growing up over seas and the customs there that surround the holidays are quite different.  Well, so were/are we. 

The anticipation of Christmas was almost unbearable. Counting the days until Christmas eve.  Wondering what Santa would bring. (Yes, we believed in Santa but we knew the true meaning of Christmas).   Sometimes, things are just too hard to wait for.  We had to have reason to be excited for the days before Christmas.  Christmas eve was a big one.  Woo hoo!  It whas THE night!  Well, we felt that we needed to have something more the day before Christmas eve. 

Children have an interesting perspective.  We thought of the build up in a linear, orderly fashion.  What came before eve...ADAM!  No concept of the word not being a name.  Kids, their brains work on a totally different level.  So, out of our excitement, Christmas Adam was born. 

Every year it is a competition to see who will be the first to wish the family a Merry Christmas Adam on December 23rd.  Weird?  Yes.  Tradition, it sure is in this family.  I sent text messages to my sisters this year and called my mother.  I won.  Last year, my youngest sister beat me to it.

My kids understand Christmas Adam.  The fully embrace the fact that their mom and their aunts are weirdos.   It's Christmas, Christmas Adam to be precise. 

My weird and wonderful family wish you the very merriest of Christmas Adam's and hope that the holiday season is filled with love, laughter and light. 

My sisters and I in the "pool" Sometime late 70's  Korea
Merry Christmas Adam!

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