Monday, December 31, 2012

Thoughts at the end of the year.

I'm looking back at this last year and wondering what it all meant.  Wondering how the choices that I made will play out in the coming days.  Wondering if any of it will matter this time next year.

I've made some great decisions (go ahead and start that business) and followed them with some not so great ones (why did I think I could strain that through pantyhose?).

Many of you have followed me through this journey on this blog and the one I closed in the middle of the year.  I thank you for sticking with me through the changes. Some of you were just bored and others couldn't look away...kinda like a train wreck. Admit it.

So...what am I really thinking?  Well, what were the best things I learned in 2012?  Here is the list:

  • You cannot strain home made hair setting lotion through control top pantyhose.
  • It is totally possible to stick your eye shut with eyelash glue.
  • Small dogs do hold grudges.
  • Bandaids still fix everything (even a broken hearted 16 yr old).
  • Sometimes, a good cry is all you really need.
  • Red lipstick makes you invincible.
  • Walking with a cane is hard but, not walking at all is far worse.
  • My husband can totally tell when I substitute even a pinch of sugar with Splenda...and he hates it.
  • Getting my degree was awesome...getting the next one will be epic.
  • Being me is not as bad as I once thought.
  • Wine makes everything better.
  • The meaning of life boils down to two things, bobby pins and butter. 
So, this list seems pretty trivial, huh.  I've learned many more lessons. The best though is this:
As long as I stay true to myself and speak the truth with love, everything will work out in time.
Not an easy lesson to learn, but one that I think is important.

Thanks for hanging out with me this year.
I plan to blog more, hit the thrift stores hard, and open a vintage hat store.  2013, you are going to be a busy year!

Happy New Year!
XOXO~ Sharon

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  1. Great post,I know one of my best 2012 moments was meeting you online.Hope 2013 we can hang out and thrift and antique together.That will be a blast.Keep up the fun.xx