Saturday, July 21, 2012

Anybody else in love with vintage brooches?

I don't see many women, younger women, wearing brooches today.  I really think it's a shame.  These gorgeous pieces of jewelry are so versatile that I really feel they are completely under rated.  We may be talking about your grandmother's jewelry, but we don't have to wear them the way grandma did.
Here is part of my collection.

I find these little gems on ebay, tophatter, and etsy, not to mention yard sales and second hand stores.  Yes, I wear them the traditional way but there are so many other ways to wear them. I love them on a ribbon around your neck or on a head band.  They add sparkle to a belt and they look good on a bag!  One of my favorites was my oldest daughter's prom.  I gave her an "updo" then pinned a brooch in her hair.  It took quite a few bobby pins to secure it and was a little bit of an architectural feat in order to keep it balanced but it looked amazing! I know I have a photo somewhere but it eludes me at the moment.
Another way to wear them is to incorporate them in
to your other jewelry.  This piece was made for me by Brian, my best friend's husband.  I am totally in love with it!  The brooch as pendant is fantastic! (Not to mention the incredible chainmaille work he did.)

Adding a jump ring or just using the pin on the back you can change the look of almost anything by adding one of these beauties!
So next time you are at a yard sale or in a thrift store and a brooch catches your eye, pick it up!  They add bling to ordinary things like curtain ties, or even shower curtain clips!  Be creative and have fun!


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  1. I'd love to hear what you do with your vintage pins. Leave me a comment!