Monday, July 23, 2012

Ok, to follow along with my jewelry fetish....

By now you can tell that I am a total jewelry lover.  So, where on earth can I find amazing vintage pieces at totally affordable prices?  A good friend of mine turned me on to an etsy store today that is fantastic!  The Shopping Lounge is just WOW!  You have got to check it out!  There are several things I am seriously in lust with right now.  Let's see if you beat me to them.

Another store that is fueling my fetish is Amula Designs.  This gorgeous little bird's nest necklace is just one of the many hand made designs you will find there.  Can't say enough about this piece.  It's just precious!
The sparrow reminds me of the tattoo designs that I love so much.

Speaking of tattoos...yes, I have them.  The world may not see them due to careful placement but I am seriously considering changing that.  I have been totally obsessed lately with both modern and vintage pinups.  Most of the vintage images I have found are not tattooed.  50's culture just didn't incorporate tattoos on women.  The modern versions, however, are a totally different story.  Some of the models are heavily painted while others are just adorned with one or two.  I think I tend to want to be somewhere in the middle.  Shoulder pieces, especially florals, are what I seem to be most infatuated with. That and the pinup girl tattoo itself.  I've been finding so many fantastic versions!  One of my new favorite sources is Atomic Bombshell magazine. The graphics are phenomenal.  Yes, it is more of a "gentlemans magazine" if you catch my drift, but it is really gorgeous.  If you aren't squeamish about women in various states of undress, the style and the attitude are amazing. No, I don't "get it for the articles".  I actually love the photos and the ads.  Every vintage, rockabilly, retro thing you could want is somewhere in the pages.  Volume 3 is now in presale.  I was thrilled that the back cover of volume 2 was a full page add for my favorite hair flower store, Belle Blossoms.

About the Artist
So, today I plan to check out The Shopping Lounge ( they have a fb page by the way) and to start making my wish list. I have a fantastic little dress that I need some accessories for. This is the About the Artist dress from Modcloth.  It comes in several other colors and I have linked the image to the site so click away!

I think my little bird nest will be so cute.  I was also thinking a really cute red polkadot shoe....what do you think?

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