Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So, what is your vintage style?

Jayne Mansfield
Classic, rockabilly, zombie...so many other choices out there.  What is it that appeals to you?  I love rockabilly style.  The bright tattoos, colors in your hair, phenomenal make up.  Do I rock that style?  No, not really.  While I am totally drawn to it, I opt for a more classic look.  Yes, there are days that I do show my ink and go a little more daring but, I am 41 and I have kids that would totally freak out.  I'm not saying that at 41 you shouldn't rock a bangin' rockabilly look.  In fact, I believe the total opposite.  I just opt for my look to be a little more classic, a little more Marilyn.  A whole lot more Jayne.  I have to say, Jayne Mansfield is one of my absolute favorites.

Oh that my hair were that long!  I'm working on getting the color right but it is a work in progress so that I don't end up bald!
I love her style, her grace and her bombshell beauty. 
Dita Von Teese
Another Diva that I adore is Dita Von Teese.  Seriously?  Wow, just wow!  This woman is a knock out!  Her style is impeccable. If only I could get her eyeliner technique down!  Jealous, yes, yes I am.

What about my Rockabilly fav?  That's easy, hands down I have to say I adore Miss K.  Who is Miss K?  Well, she has a blog called The Rockabilly Girl Next Door and the best youtube vidoes.  This chick rocks.  Seriously, how cute is she!

So, who are your favs?  I'd love to know.


  1. Soooo excited! A comment from Miss K! This made my day! Honestly, you have got to check out her blog and her videos. You are missing out if you don't!