Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rockabetty bags ROCK!

Ok, you have GOT to check these out!  I am so loving these bags.  I'm saving my pennies to get one ASAP.  This fabulous artist has made the cutest bags EVER!  Can you imagine carrying one of these babies on your arm?  I'm a die hard handbag addict and I need one or two of these beauties in my collection. 
Day of the Dead Betty

I love this!

Ok so where do you get these gorgeous babes?  EASY  check out ROCKABETTY BAGS.  Everything you need to know is there. Katrina just posted that she can ship internationally!  YAAAY! 
She does custom pieces so I plan on having a pinup that looks a little like me.  Oh the vanity! 
Check out her page and take the time to watch her video.  This talented lady's site is worth more than just a quick look.  Happy shopping!

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