Saturday, September 8, 2012

Barrel curls

It's a humid day here.  I'm annoyed because I'm still dealing with the pain in my leg from an injury two months ago.  So how do I deal with it? Barrel curls!  I found the best video on youtube and I decided to play.  I can only sit for about ten minutes at a time before I have to move around a little so this look was the easiest and quickest for me. 
Check out this fab video!  I totally want a vintage hat.  Anyone got one they want to part with?

Anyway, isn't she just the cutest thing ever????!!!  After watching her last night I had to try it.  My hair is cut with blunt bangs and is much shorter than her beautiful locks.  This is what I got....

August Blossom of the Month from

A huge thank you to KoontzFan2  for her tutorial.  I'm lovin it! 

Now, the search for the hat begins!

See you later!

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