Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tattoos and the PinUp Girl

There has been a huge revival of the rockabilly, pinup lifestyle.  I have to say, I'm thrilled.  Tattoos are a huge part of that.  Many of the beautiful women, and men, that have embraced this lifestyle and that I have the pleasure of knowing, have fantastic ink.  I have to admit I have serious ink envy.   Even if you don't have any ink yourself, you have to admire the detail and the artwork in their pieces.
I absolutely believe it adds to the look. 

Kat Von D
We all know who this is.  Kat Von D is instantly recognizable all over the world.  Her tattoos are a huge and important part of here look.  I think she, and her ink, are stunning.

  Who is this divine creature?  If you don't recognize her, you should.  This is Miss K.  She has the most fabulous blog ever.  Her ink is awesome and so is her style.  Check her out at .  You are totally missing out if you don't.
Miss K!

Now this look is fabulous!  From the hair to the clothing to the makeup, she is a knock out.  Then, the icing on the cake is her phenomenal art work on her shoulder.  Seriously, what's not to love?
photo source:

I'm working on getting a half sleeve done.  It's going to be a while but, it's something I really want.  I have some ink but I'm absolutely working on collecting some more.

So, are you inked?  I'd love to see it!


PS:  Seriously, check out Miss K's blog.  You won't regret it!

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