Sunday, September 16, 2012

So she got inspired...and girlyfied!

My best friend is the yin to my yang, the light to my dark, the fire to my ice, the...ok you get it.  We "complete" eachother (yes you may gag now).  Anyway,  she is NOT a girly girl. Never has been.  She is the take no prisoners, roll up your sleeves and get it done mama.  I love her. 
Well, Donna has been bitten by the bug.  Yes, she has started to get girly, and vintage.  You have no idea the joy this brings me!  She is also really brave, or she forgot how awful I am, and she sent me step by step photos of her transformation...which are now going to be used against her MUHAHAHAHAAAA lol.

So,  she bought some sponge rollers and setting lotion last night and slept in her first ever roller set.  I'm so proud!   This morning, she decided to send me her step by step hair and make up and here it is.

Step one:  Wrap your hair and rollers up to keep it out of your way and wash your face :

Step two: Primer!  Donna uses Spackle by Laura Geller too. (smart woman):

Step three: Do your makeup baby!:

Step four: Take those curlers down and brush it out!:

When you look like Phyllis Diller (or so Donna says lol) then you know you got it right. 

Step five:  Take your fingers and play with the curls until they fall in the shape you want.  Yes, really, your fingers,  take little sections and reform those curls and lay them where you want them.  They won't move.  They don't bite. 

Hot mama added a hair flower.  Isn't it gorgeous?!

Step six: Get your red lipstick going!  And TADA!   This is my best friend looking like a hottie and I'm so proud of her.  See!  It's easy!  You rock that look Mari...I mean Donna!

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