Saturday, September 29, 2012

Foundation Garments....get your girdles girls!

Yup, I'm gonna talk about underwear.  You heard me right.  In fact, I'm actually going to talk about it.  Go ahead, don't be scared, watch the video. Yes, it's a long one, but one you might just like...I show you my girdle!!! Hee hee.

Ok so, if you for some reason can't or won't watch, I'll tell you.  There are times that we really feel like we can't wear ANYTHING nice because we look lumpy, bumpy, or puffy in our clothes.  Well so did grandma!  Her solution?  A good girdle.  Yup.  We need 'em.  My preference is explained and actually shown in the video.

What we need to keep in mind is, we look our best when we are properly dressed.  That means wearing our correct size.  WHAT?  I just said I wear a girdle and now I'm talking about my correct size?  That makes no sense...oh yes it does.  Girdles, aka "body shapers" are not meant to make you smaller, they are meant to smooth you out.  No lumpy thighs, no muffin top. Get it?  Good.  Now, nobody is going to look at the tag in the back of your dress to see what size you wear.  It's just not gonna happen.  AND when you wear your correct size you look slimmer.  Nothing is less attractive than a girl squeezed in to her clothes. Well, I guess if you like the look of a bursting sausage then....anyway.
Smaller clothes don't make you look smaller, they make you look bigger.
Grab a good body shaper and honey, show off how gorgeous you are!

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